Just in time for 2012, and easy to digest!

In the spirit of going with the flow, and in hopes that somebody, somewhere will take a bowel, I present to you a smooth exit strategy for your food, and a lighter, happier you!  

*The chart below is only a guide, and should be used in conjunction with Dr. Douglas N. Graham’s book  (which I highly recommend) for deeper understanding.  This chart illustrates Dr. Graham’s recommendations  on how to combine foods for optimal athletic performance, digestion, and health.  This chart is also suitable for anyone new to or already embracing a whole food, raw food, vegan, and/or mono-food diet, or anyone simply desiring to live a healthier lifestyle the way in which our bodies were designed.  Please combine the below information with a regular fitness schedule to get the best results, and always consider your individual needs first!  I am not affiliated with Dr. Graham, and I am not advocating a political or partisan relationship to any health guru and/or diet; I simply endorse being healthy!  To learn more, do your research, ask questions, share your understandings, and seek advice from a combination of knowledgable, holistic healthcare practicioners, dieticians, friends, and family who are also taking care of their bodies.   Remember that organic is, well, the most natural way  to live, and local/seasonal foods are a winner!  Any feedback or upgrades are welcome and will be taken into consideration.  Credit  for the information below goes to Dr. Graham; I take credit for the fancy artwork;-)

In Love, Light, and a Prosperous New Year,


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