“Viva La Boobies! 7 Things to Know About Breasts”

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Viva La Boobies! 7 Things to Know About Breasts

May 27, 2013

Breasts are amazing – they are beautiful, they nourish babies, and they have an intelligence of their own.

Breasts have so many incredible benefits for the health of humanity, the power of women, and the nurturing of the future generations.

Your breasts deserve a medal of honor – plus nurturing, pampering, and respect.

Yet, our breasts are suffering from the dangerous effects of rising environmental toxins in our food, water, air, and toiletries, degrading media, restrictive fashion, and lack of empowering health education for women.

I had a dream a few weeks ago that I was at a conference and the organizers asked me to get up on stage and speak about breast health. They said it was vital that we get more people to understand and value the importance of caring for our healthy breasts and that in order to get people’s attention I needed to be topless to speak. While I was still pondering whether or not I felt comfortable with being topless on stage, I woke up.

A few days later Angelina Jolie announced her decision to have her healthy breasts surgically removed because of her potential cancer risk. This action has inspired me even more to realize how vital it is that we join in this conversation and speak about how to naturally care for our breasts, how our environment, diet, and lifestyle impact our health, and why breast health is more important than every before.

Thus, my intention is to share positive inspiring information to support women to love their breasts and learn about ways to naturally care for our amazing breasts.

Let’s uplift breasts to the status level they deserve!


7 Amazing Things To Know About Breasts

Breasts want freedom.

Bras restrict the movement of lymphatic fluid through the breasts, underarm, and shoulders, thus causing toxins to build up in the breast tissue. Underwire bras are the worst culprit, as the metal also can disrupt the energy flow through the breast area. A recent French study has shown that women who don’t wear bras actually have perkier breasts even as they age. Exercising, dance, and rebounding without a bra also allows the body’s movements to support lymphatic flow and proper drainage of the breasts. The natural movement of the breasts as the body exercises and moves is another essential component to lymphatic health in the breasts.

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I’ve already got that second kid syndrome!

Breastfeeding in public often creates quite a stir, despite being one of the most natural and necessary processes on the planet.  Unfortunately, many women don’t feel comfortable whipping out the boob in a crowded setting due to social stigmas, so babies suffer being covered or hidden (my daughter snatches off anything covering her face while eating), and mamas have to excuse themselves from otherwise exciting situations anytime baby must eat.  Fact: we all know what’s happening under that dang blanket!  Choosing to feed in privacy is a personal choice (that I often enjoy), but I also believe it shouldn’t be mandatory just to make other people comfortable.  It’s even illegal in some states to breastfeed in public…What the hay-ll??

This Luvs commercial is spot on from a mother’s perspective, a baby’s, a siblings, and from many others’…especially a waiter of the male persuasion LOL!


Eat your placenta!

Or your sisters’!

Personally, I find this incredible!  And the sisters wouldn’t be the first 🙂  Thoughts?

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