Scientists Use Spectroscopy to Study Black Holes, Stars, and Now Cervixes (Gizmodo)

Scientists Use Spectroscopy to Study Black Holes, Stars, and Now Cervixes


Scientists Use Spectroscopy to Study Black Holes, Stars, and Now Cervixes

Scientists use spectroscopy to examine the make-up of celestial objects. Now, they’re taking the technology in a decidedly different direction and using it to detect ovarian cancer.

Over the past decade, Guided Therapeutics has identified cellular markers specific to cervical cancer cells, which their new device identifies by shining a spectrum of light on the tissue. Like spectroscopy for planets and stars, the company’s LuViva Cervical Guide shines light on the object of interest, then analyzes how that light is reflected. The technique is non-invasive and doesn’t require tissue samples or lab tests, which is reason to celebrate for anyone who’s had a Pap-smear or cervical biopsy.

“Every molecule has a spectral fingerprint. If you hit it with a specific wavelength of light any tissue will reveal its nature and tell you something about itself,” Mark Faupel, CEO of Guided Therapeutics, told me during a phone interview. “We’ve adapted this technology used by NASA to identify whether there’s life on other planets to detect cancer cells in tissue in vivo (i.e. in a live person).”

In studies looking at 1,600 cervixes, the company’s scientists found that the device detected 90 percent of cervical cancers an average of two years earlier than Pap smears, the technique currently used by doctors for early diagnosis. Pap smears are a good way to detect cervical cancer early but they also lead to a lot of false positives—only 20 percent of patients who have abnormal Paps actually require treatment. That’s an 80 percent false positive rate. The test also completely misses two-thirds of pre-cancerous cells.

False positive or not, an abnormal Pap smear typically leads to a colposcopy, which is basically a quick but sometimes painful scrape of the cervix’s surface cells to obtain a biopsy.

Cervical cancer, which is usually caused by human papilloma virus, is a major killer of women, especially in developing countries where women have less access to Pap smears. In the United States where Pap smears are routine, most women catch pre-cancerous cells early enough that it’s 100 percent treatable by removing the abnormal cells with cryosurgery or laser therapy. But in places where Pap tests are not routine and cervical cancer often goes undetected until it has spread, LuViva could save lives. The device will be relatively inexpensive at about $20,000, so Faupel hopes smaller clinics will be able to afford one.

“We wanted to make it accessible to use on a reservation for Native Americans or rural clinics in developing countries,” he says. “This can be used for the underserved population, not just afforded by large industrial hospital complexes.”

The National Cancer Institute has granted Guided Therapeutics $6 million to develop the technology, and the company hopes to receive final FDA approval to market the device sometime this month.


Starting with the Full Moon, and “7 Weeks to Wellness”

I’ve reposted some of Jamila’s work before, but if you haven’t checked out her blog, it’s pretty good!  I particularly like her holistic living series– 7 Weeks to Wellness– which offers valuable insight into living a healthy, natural life!  Happy Full Moon (in Cancer)!!!

In Love and Light,


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7 Weeks To Wellness, Jamila Owens-Todd, N.D.


Every self-respecting soul should howl at the moon every once in a while.  If you have not yet done so, the next full moon is approaching on Monday, 9 January 2012.

Not sure of the proper incantation to chant or sing?  I am here to assist you.  7 Weeks to Wellness.

A great idea (so I think) to encourage you to be.  Your existence is yours and the rule book has been written in your native tongue…edited by spirit. Therefore, this wellness plan is a suggestion when the ideas run dry or the creativity has taken a hiatus.

7 Weeks to Wellness is a very loose blueprint on living holistically.  The goal is to incorporate a new tenet to natural living every week (7 days) while continuing to maintain the plan from the previous week.

This is awesome for the resolution setters as well as the busy, the bored and the beginners. If you are a master in all things holistic, then consider reinstating some possibly forgotten components into your already existing healing journey.

I love the moon’s energy.  It is full and fun and re-ignites the Goddess with each second of its luminosity.

Hop on board.  I will not be steering this ship as I will be participating as a passenger.  Let’s join together in our collective consciousness of healing and reclaim our individual plans of holistic greatness.

Stay tuned for more…

For Amina, My booklist;-)

I like to read, but only recently have I been able to indulge for pleasure.  The following list includes some books that I’ve enjoyed and recommend, and others I hope to read soon.  Note my progression;-) Please feel enlightened to recommend a few of your own!

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Read and Enjoyed

The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho

The Celestine Prophecy- James Redfield

Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul- Deepok Chopra

The Blue Sweater- Jacqueline Novogratz

Dance Lest We All Fall Down- Margaret Wilson

The Huey P. Newton Reader- Huey P. Newton

Letters to a Young Sister- Hill Harper

The Mis-Education of the Negro- Carter G. Woodson

Midnight- Sista Souljah

On Deck

Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body…- Queen Afua

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover- Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette

The Power of Unreasonable People: How Social Entrepreneurs Create…- John Elkington and Pamela Hartigan

Being Black: Zen and the Art of Living with Fearlessness and Grace- angel Kyodo williams

We Want for Our Sisters What We Want for Ourselves… – Patricia Dixon

Sistah Vegan: Food, Identity, Health and Society…-A. Breeze Harper

Parable Sower- Octavia E Butler

Parable of Talents- Octavia E Butler

The Book of Not Knowing: Exploring the True Nature…- Peter Ralston

And your lists?

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