Announcement! New Blog Category Coming Soon: WHOLEsome SOULfoods

Greetings my beautiful people,

Lately I’ve been sharing a lot of health related blogs, articles, and ideas which have garnered a significant amount of support, and I THANK YOU DEARLY!  I feel completely inspired and supported in this journey, and I want to be sure that the overall purpose of the blog continues to ring clear:  bringing sisters (and brothers:) together in love and light in an effort to heal our WHOLE selves and our WHOLE communities, birthing strong, grounded generations, dreams, and spirits .  With that said,  I know we may all be in different places on our individual paths, so I’m directing the health/food talk to it’s own special category, allowing readers who want that particular wisdom to easily access it!  Of course, the latest posts will continue to show up on the homepage no matter what the category!

It’s been rejuvenating to hear that so many people are taking control of their health by eating, doing, and believing what’s wholesome to the body and the spirit, and know that I will surely continue to share wisdom as I’m exposed!


In Love, Light, and Prosperity,


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