Eat what you want to be!

Not too long ago, a Facebook friend of mine posed an interesting question; one that was a welcomed challenge and offered a chance for me to do some reflecting on my health and well-being.  Loosely quoted, he asked people to share their 25 super foods.  It was fun for me to think of all the food items that were important and staples in my diet.  This question also made me consider all the transitions I have made in my consumption (like removing beef and pork), and even made me think of where I see myself in the future with regards to my overall nourishment.  I’ve always been a conscious (or picky;-) eater, but the more aware I become of what goes into my body, the closer I move into what could be considered a more holistic, organic, and earthly intake.  After all, you are what you eat!

Below is my list of 25 super foods.  This list has changed slightly from what I posted in response to my Facebook friend’s question, but only because from the time I responded, I’ve made other transitions (I’m currently detoxing!) and have learned since that post a few weeks ago!  I’d love to hear your 25 super foods, and as soon as my Facebook friend makes his blog post available regarding Super Foods and health, I’ll be sure to share it here (with his blessing of course)!  In the meantime, enjoy my list and be sure to share yours!

In Love, Truth, and Well-being,


My 25 Super Foods

1.) Garlic

2.) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3.) Himalayan Pink Salt

4.) Fresh Ground Peppercorns

5.) Crushed Red Pepper/Cayenne

6.) Cabbage

7.) Spinach 

8.) Brown Rice (or wild rice)

9.) Wild Salmon

10.) Granola

11.) Berries (strawberry, blueberry, açaí, cranberry<—I know, they should be their own items lol)

12.) Raw Honey

13.) Apples

14.) Pineapples

15.) Green Beans

16.) Beans (black, kidney etc.)

17.) Mushrooms

18.) Mango

19.) Papaya

20.) Green, red, yellow, orange pepper

21.) Orange

22.) Onion

23.) Spirulina and Kelp (or other sea vegetables)

24.) Ground Flax seeds

25.) Water

P.S.  26.) is tomato and 27.) Green Tea! 🙂

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