Orgasm Issues RevHEALed


Maybe you’ve never had an orgasm, maybe you don’t know if you’ve had one, maybe you’ve had one but can relive it, or just maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who can orgasm at the drop of a dime.  Whatever the case may be, there is always room for growth!  The following link (unfortunately I can’t reproduce in this space, Jujumama don’t play lol) is Kenya K. Stevens‘ personal account of her orgasmic experiences, and sheds light on the Top Five Reasons Many Women Don’t Orgasm.  You may just learn a thing or two!

Kenya describes herself as a Best Selling Author, Blogger, and Relationships Mogul among many things.  Her website is dope (I’m in a fun mood;-), and any sister that supports “…millions of women in reawakening to Feminine Joy” is alright with me!


In Love, Truth, and Orgasmic Bliss,


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  1. CC

     /  December 3, 2011

    This is an interesting article. I’ve never heard of Jujumama, but she seems to be in tune with her body. Especially how to maximize the possibilities and opportunities to receive and reach a higher level of freedom and happiness when it comes to love making. I’m curious to learn more about what she means when she says “sex should take at least four hours.” Interesting read… Thanks for sharing.

    • CC,

      That’s funny because that’s one of the things that stuck out to me, too! Honestly, love and all it’s pleasures should transcend time (especially linear), so perhaps it would have been better for her to say her sex usually lasts at least 4 hours, not that we should all be striving to reach her goal of 4 hours. Orgasms can happen in the first 5 minutes; to me it’s paused whenever you and your partner pause, quite simply! Striving for a time contract seems counterintuitive to the spiritual connection…



  2. Nicole Snowden

     /  December 4, 2011

    Interesting, and it brings me back to the post and video by Kenya we recently viewed about sexual energy. Many things from both this article and the video coincide. A better understanding for me of the importance of letting go and allowing yourself to be physically, emotionally and spiritually in a state of arousal while making love. Slowing down, feeling both energies and enjoying every minute, or four hours of it if your lucky! Great read and thank you!

  3. Thanks Nicole for your comment. Are you referring to the video about Sacred Sexuality? If so, I can see how the two could be connected. If we are living up to or comparing ourselves against a virginal mother whom society says is pure, then yes, letting go and experiencing the pleasures of spiritual sex is difficult, if not impossible. I’m glad you enjoyed!




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