The Zombie Effect

I was inspired to write about the Zombie Effect by a friend who was experiencing what it feels like to be awake, when it feels like others around you are sleeping.

Have you ever seen the films I AM LEGEND or CHILDREN OF MEN or countless other films depicting programmed, disillusioned, diseased, or walking dead people?  Have you ever read the GIVER?  These are just a few examples of the Zombie Effect in some form, and although the story lines are fiction, the plot is plaguing us in real life.

The Zombie Effect simply means being dead on the inside.  One’s physical body is alive, but the mind and soul are dormant or long gone.  People on drugs are good examples of what the Zombie Effect can resemble, but they are not the only ones experiencing this phenomenon.  People who are shackled by fear, programmed by society, don’t think for themselves, burdened and spewing negative energy, miserable or impossible to console, hopeless, or suffering from addictions are all experiencing the Zombie Effect.  Those who have lost their Mojo for life, discovery, and innovation are dead.  The Zombie Effect can be temporary, as we all are able to experience it at some point in our lives. But perhaps the worst cases of the Zombie Effect, are those who never overcome it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for one to fall into a Zombie-like state.  Anything can trigger it; but the simple answer is fear.  Fear of the unknown, fear of repercussion, fear of death, fear of incapability, fear fear fear!  In our society, we have been taught to think that only certain people deserve to “make-it”, and that every one else just gets by.  But the truth is, happiness is relative, and each of us serves a purpose.  It’s when we are programmed to feel insignificant by larger society, when we believe what our leaders, families, and community say about us, and when we never stop to think for ourselves or question what is being preached.  The even sadder truth is that most people who fall into a Zombie state are unsuspecting of the intent.  It can be both a strategic move or a subconscious one (usually born of envy) on the part of those “in charge” to shell out small doses of goodwill, to build a level of trust, all the while we follow along in blind faith.  Consider the slaughter of Indigenous peoples the world over by European superpowers (so cleverly named), the African and Jewish holocausts, the Eugenics movement and Social Darwinism.  Consider what purpose schools have served for the underprivileged, lower-class communities across this nation.  Consider all the people dying of disease, cancer, murder, drugs, famine, malnutrition, birth defects.  Consider the mother or husband who breaks down the spirit of their child or their wife until there is nothing left.  A coincidence?  I think not…

The idiom “History repeats itself” is not only relegated to events in our past, but also to our current actions and future actions.  When the cigarette was created, everyone smoked.  It wasn’t until later that we learned it leads to a host of issues including lung and throat cancer.  Most people didn’t question it.  History books in schools often omitted the histories of people of color, specifically native peoples of the Americas and Africans.  The result? A whole lot of confused and apathetic children and adults of all backgrounds.  There are endless examples relating to different areas including healthcare (vaccines), and nutrition (GMO’s), and environment (oils spills and nuclear fallout) just to name a few.

The flip side to this, however, is that once people start thinking for themselves, drawing correlations, and making their own decisions, powerful things result.  More and more people are waking from their slumbers to realize that they do have a choice.  Some people sacrifice their lives for the greater good, while others are able to benefit.  But imagine what it would be like if more people were awake?  If more people regained their sense of self, unchained their minds, bodies, and spirits and worked to elevate in consciousness?  The Effect would then be reversed, more people would serve as examples, and others would be inspired to change.  Hope would be restored, and those in power wouldn’t be able to control the masses.  I don’t know, perhaps we are a long way away, or maybe it’s an impossible task?  I mean, the Zombie Effect has been in existence for hundreds and thousands of years…

All I know is that I’ve slept long enough, and I’m well rested.  The new issue arises when you feel alone because others are still napping.  So what do you do?  Preach to a deaf congregation?  Preach to the choir?  Let it go and hope everyone else figures it out someday?  Not necessarily.  Sometimes you will get a few converts by the aforementioned methods.  But I find the best thing for me is to live by example.  Do what you have come to know as breathing, being awake, being alive.  Let  go of the people, thoughts, and things around you that have been pulling you down, BUT be there ready and willing to support when the time comes.  Show them what love is by loving yourself, what being alive is like by living your life, forgive yourself, forgive them, and continue to soar, discover, question.  There is no time to be paranoid (remember fear is a Zombie trait), physical death is unavoidable.  But when your soul is in order, there is no room for fear.  Like every other piece of consciousness, it is a process, not a conclusion (Huey P. Newton).  There is no defined destination, and there is always room for growth.

Sisters, don’t let the Zombie Effect rule over your life, and don’t let others plagued by this state bring you to a place of frustration.  Acknowledge it, understand it, and move on from it.  Otherwise, it will consume you and hinder your own growth.  We can’t have that, we need you!

In Love, Truth, and Life,


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