The Epiphany: what all those signs are telling you

This post is not actually about connections.  It’s really about JLO and her new Papi video, hehe…Just kidding:-)

On a serious note, I had an epiphany this morning, although it’s revelation has actually been in process for who knows hows long.  I’m sharing this with you because perhaps you all have had your own epiphanies and want to share, or perhaps you haven’t realized you’ve had one, or more, you don’t even know what I’m talking about– and that’s okay, because by the end of this post, you will understand…

Late last night, my mom sent me a text message.  We had spoken earlier in the day, but apparently our conversation had not quite been finished:

Notice the time lapse between the first three correspondences, and the last two.  I was preoccupied with twisting my hair and trying to locate this commercial that she spoke of.  I actually thought Fiat was a typo because I had never seen the commercial and had previously seen a JLO commercial for L’Oreal that I thought was absolutely gorgeous (how presumptuous of me;-)!

So my conversation continued with my mother, and I now know that it didn’t have the effect that she intended because the commercial I saw didn’t make sense to me.  It was indeed Fiat, and JLO was working it, but I couldn’t understand how my mother saw me in her.  Was it the dancing?  I have to admit, I was somewhat frustrated with my own inability to draw a correlation, but I decided to smile in my text and give her the half-hearted, “she was def gettin’ it!” which my mother didn’t even understand:

We sent a few more words, she told me she loved me, I told her I loved her too, and that she was beautiful!  I was really trying to make up for the message I had clearly missed.

Fast forward to this morning at 8AM.  I am the mistress of my sleep, and anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a hard time waking up in the mornings, especially if I haven’t had adequate sleep.  But despite being up until 2AM, I was wide awake, and for good reason!  I woke up with the need to do some more brainstorming around this Fiat Commercial.  It was still on my heart, and I needed to know why!  I immediately decided to look for the “official” VEVO video, which I had been struggling to locate the night before (what I had learned in my previous quest was that the Fiat commercial was actually a condensed version of her actual Papi video; at least I learned something lol).

THEN IT HIT ME!  My mother had been trying to communicate to me that she sees, feels, and knows my energy, my power, my ability to attract people, things, ideas, dreams!  I couldn’t see that in the Fiat commercial, perhaps because I was preoccupied, perhaps because I didn’t believe or translate my mothers acknowledgement, or perhaps because my mother has her own superpowers which allows her to see the whole picture.  I’m not sure that my mother realizes there is an entire video for this cute little car that JLO was advertising, but it was obvious that I needed to see the whole thing to get the message, and mama didn’t.

But that’s not it…

There is a deeper significance because of this process I spoke of earlier.  A few weeks ago, my King and I went out for an early dinner and dessert in the city.  We live about 30 minutes away from where we were going, and we were still trying to learn our way around.  We missed an exit and ended up having to take some back roads, which added another 10-15 minutes to our trip.  We fussed a little bit, but were ultimately fine because back roads out here always have significantly less traffic than the highway.  As we were meandering our way along, I noticed in my peripheral a Fiat garage.  This completely baffled me because the first and only time I had seen and heard of Fiat was in Brasil two-and-a-half years earlier!  I said this to my King, and he told me that Fiat is actually an Italian car (news for me), and that it’s making it’s way back into the US market.  I didn’t know why it left in the first place, and I can’t say I cared, but it definitely resurfaced longing that I had for Brasil.  I thought about this for a few moments, then I let the feeling go…

A few days later, I saw the L’Oreal commercial with JLO and I have to say, my jaw literally dropped.  She was so radiant, curvaceous and flat out beautiful in this advertisement, that if I wore makeup, there would be no doubt I spend all my money on whatever she was using!  JLO’s energy was clearly working on the screen, so the company had been successful sending out there message.

Snap back to the present.  I now realize those feelings that stemmed from seeing the Fiat garage and the JLO commercial (and I’m sure other findings that were communicated in this blog and elsewhere) were actually primers for what my mother would later share with me.  I was being prepared to receive her message loud and clear, and had I not been aware of what was happening around me, or determined to make sense of the conversation with my mother, I would have completely missed the message that was conveyed in the Papi video:

We as women have instinct, intuition, natural powers, and a strong feminine energy that can propel us to heights unimaginable; that can bring to us what we desire most, if only we believed it.  The woman who gave JLO the cookie in the beginning knew this, but if she told JLO she had it in herself, would she have believed her?  Did I believe my mother when she told me that I was JLO?

The deeper meaning in all of this is that there are signposts of your potential all around you.  There are symbols and events that take place that serve as reminders, that move your eyes and your spirit in a certain direction in order to reveal a hidden meaning.  Pay attention to what’s happening around you, address your misunderstandings, and feed your curiosities.  Your soul is at work with you everyday, and unfortunately many of us miss the mark because we are too preoccupied with reality. Reality IS what you make it.  Everything happens for a reason, that’s what they say.  My challenge for you is to seek to understand the reason.  It’s not happening to you or around you “just because”.  Your epiphanies are waiting…

I love my mother, and she has taught me more than she gives herself credit for.  She is the definition of feminine energy, and as her daughter, I have to do a better job of communicating and acknowledging that within her, and believing her when she shows me what I’m made of.  After all, she made me:-)

In Love, Truth, and Revelation,


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  1. This was a great post! Funny, when I read mommy’s text, I immediately understood what her message was and you didn’t get the message impart because you were preoccupied… It’s true, that sometimes people see more in us than we do ourselves. Look in the mirror and it will tell no lie. You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

    Your observation of sign posts coupled with exercising being IN the moment of NOW will always allow for clarity!

    • HAAAAA!!!! You is funny;-) Thank you love! You are absolutely right, I was preoccupied, but I can tell you, this was the push I needed to snap out of it! And from my mother? She’s always dead on even though she’s nowhere in my physical vicinity. Mothers are like that I guess, and I’m thankful for mine, for yours, and all the mothers out there that show us rather than tell us…



  2. Donna Adkins

     /  November 14, 2011

    Thank you Daugher for taking this to the next level… I am not surprised that you dug so deep in order to understand me, because I was not comparing you to the car FIAT or JLO. It was deeper then that, it was about you and the WOMAN you’ve become! Not only are you beautiful on the outside, the beauty that sets you apart is unique! It comes from the inside out, like a breath of fresh air, full of positive energy. So for those with whom she has shared this personal conversation, know “The power of energy” can be positive or negative; choose what energy you give and receive.


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