Your Rights as a Woman: Mississippi’s Proposition 26

If you haven’t heard about Mississipi’s “Personhood” amendment, let me take this opportunity to share.  Please watch this video, as it affects all of us in some way.  This piece of legislation is a reminder of the times that we are in, and if you are one to think your vote doesn’t count, you are sadly mistaken!  I’m certain this issue will not go away unless we make it!  Just so you know, the results came in and voters said NO.  However, it is clear that we are strongly divided on the issue.  If nothing else my beautiful people, be informed and be ready to stand.  The political “circus” surrounding the presidential nominations at this time doesn’t come close to the seriousness of this issue, among other equally important issues affecting everyday people including health care and the rise in police brutality as a result of Occupy the Nation (Wall Street)!  Watch the video and decide for yourself.  Comments are certainly welcomed!


In Love and Truth,



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