He is the TRUTH!

To all my brothers, husbands, fathers, and grandfathers,

If you have forgotten, it’s time to remember that you were once Kings!  It’s easy to forget when you look around and things are constantly falling apart, but a King doesn’t abandon his Kingdom, his community, his family… Take it back, take it all back!  Open your eyes, your heart, and raise your head to the cosmos, and when you blink you will remember the Truth!  Sisters, hold on to your Kings and Princes now, not tomorrow, but today!  Uplift them, support them, as you have the strength!  They need us–their Queens–and we need them!  Yes, the world is changing; but I don’t believe for a minute it’s too late!  We’ve come too far to throw it all away.  Our children and their children and their children are heirs to a powerful throne that sits on the inside of our love.  If we don’t love, we die!  Let that love rein over our Kingdoms! We don’t need to fight for it, there is plenty to go around. Just need to remember the TRUTH!  However, we do need to take arms against that negative spirit of apathy, of defeat, of destruction, and self pity!  We don’t have to live this way, we don’t need to fight each other, and we are not destined to linger on the bottom.  So, RISE and SHINE my Kings and QUEENS, open your mind, body, and spirit to the TRUTH!  I got my TRUTH, haha!! Yes he is so REAL:-)  And if you don’t believe me, take it from India…



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  1. India says it best!


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