Understanding the Gift of the Cosmos

In popular culture, the zodiac sign seems to inflict more limitations on “being” than they offer understanding.  It represents a false set of “rules” that may fit perfectly for some, but completely deniable to others. Unfortunately, many have taken astrology to mean something disconnected, something for the “crazies”, or something that is only relevant on the surface.  But the reality of astrology is that is it a tool, not a governing factor, that helps strengthen our understanding of self, and allows us to work through our weakness and improve our relationships.  The only way one can truly benefit and grow from astrological wisdom is to understand the various levels.  The sign that most people know, is the Sun sign.  This sign, while good to know, only tells a small piece of the story.  To understand the whole narrative is to understand your place within this vast universe.  There are planets, elements, and  signs; positions, phases, voids, and returns.   Astrology is not a religion; it is simply a way to supplement what we already know to be true.  To ignore the power of the cosmos is to ignore a part of our creation.   A great place to start is with Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry.  They offer short “lessons” on the what each aspect means or represents, giving you one way to approach astrology.  I would encourage you to also do you own research.  You may find a way to apply the knowledge that makes more sense to you.  Keep in mind that ancient civilizations were very knowledgeable about the cosmos.  Various interpretations can be found from Mayans, Ancient Egyptians, and the Chinese to name a few.  Any insight you have to share would be greatly appreciated!


In Love, Truth, and Universal Energy,


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