This may ruffle some feathers…


But I must share this gem with you.

Unfortunately, the content of the blog I wish to share cannot be copied here; and rightfully so.  But I am so excited to spread something that has given new meaning to spirituality for me; one that challenges many of my previous biases and positions on sex, love, and enlightenment, and while I may not agree with everything, still shatters much of my ignorance.  If you are not afraid to open your mind to a radical and unconditional stance of the union (or oneness) of sexual spirituality, then please click here to enter the blog of Kenya K. Stevens, and treat yourself to an hour and a half free video concerning feminine sensuality.

If you are sensitive, closed and defensive about your personal, religious, or spiritual beliefs, I would challenge you to ask yourself why you think and feel the way you do.  If you can articulately, with evidence, support your stance, then I commend you, as you are one of the few.  Most people these days who hold unfounded positions do so because they have been conditioned by society to accept one way of living, to subscribe to one way of thinking, and to blindly follow the crowd.  It’s one thing to know your beliefs for yourself, and another thing altogether to hold those beliefs without ever having questioned why.  The only way one can get to a state of true consciousness, is to knowing one’s personal stance, all the while understanding that of his opponent.  



Your comments are much appreciated my sisters!


In Love and Truth,


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