Underwater births in the presence of dolphins

Excerpt taken from Universal Waters (read full post at preceding link)

[…] There Are A Variety Of Folklores Associated With Dolphins By Various Cultures Throughout The World. In Greek Mythology, Dolphins Are Regarded As “Helpers Of Human Kind” And Also One Dolphin In Particular In Greece, Has Been Recorded As Rescuing The Poet Arion From Drowning And Carried Him To Safe Land At Cape Taenarum, Now Known As Cape Matapan. Also Greek Legends Have It, That Dolphins Are Responsible For Carrying The Souls Of The Dead To The Islands Of The Blessed.


The Word Dolphin Is From The Greek Word; Delphis, Which Means “Womb” And The Dolphin, Was One Of The Primary Transporters Of The Male Sperm For The Purpose Of Replenishing The Planet Earth With Human Beings After The Destruction Of The Dinosaurs, By Way Of An Asteroid. Have You Ever Heard The Expression? That A “Dog Is A Man’s Best Friend?” Sure You Have, Well The Truth Is, It’s Really The “Vagina Of A Woman” (L.O.L) And Following That It Is The Womb Or The Dolphin, Based Upon The Dolphin Being The Friendliest Of All Mammals As It Relates To Humans Or The Hue-Man And Their Transporting Of The Male Sperm To Dry Land.

Furthermore, Dolphins Are Known To Make Our Children More Clairvoyant When Born Under Water In Their Presence. […]*

Dolphins Maintain Bubble Rings Above Their Heads As A Form Of Intelligence And They Usually Blow Bubbles In Circles Above Their Head, Once They Have Established A Connection With The Child Being Born. Some Are Even Known To Swim Through Their Own Bubbles, Which Become Large Enough For Their Whole Body To Go Through. Dolphins Maintain Many Secrets Concerning The Sciences Of Water That Humans Have Yet To Overstand. They Also Enjoy Playing With Their Bubble Rings In The Water, Which Still Mystifies Man Kind. In The Latter Part Of This Text Eye Will Explain Further What The Circle Is About In Water, Bubbles And The Sun.






Some words were intentionally removed as they don’t fit the premise for the information shared on this site.  We are a uniting (as opposed to dividing) group of like-minds.  However, if you are interested reading verbatim what Hypnotique Olmec Punch writes, please click here.  The information is still informative. 

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